Fly, Fly, Butterfly: Habitat Walk & Color Butterfly Suncatchers

The Farm at Awbury 6336 Ardleigh St, Philadelphia, PA

Let's take a habitat walk, where we'll stroll through a urban forest/woodland, travel the path of creek/wetland to a pond, then finish at a meadow to seek out beautiful fluttering butterflies.  Along our walk, we'll keep an eye out for other fluttering animals, like birds, and/or friendly insect critters.  Not only will we walk along […]

Sun Prints & Scavenger Hunt

Join us at Awbury Arboretum (Farm Side), where you'll enjoy roaming the grounds of the Farm, seeing the chickens, goats, beehives, gardens, etc. and just being outdoors.  After, during, or before roaming the farm, participants will collect natural items to make a sun print and do a fun scavenger hunt while waiting for it to […]