Nature Can Heal

Our mission is to help our children and families become healthy and happy by spending time outside in nature.

Free Family Activities & Events

Field Trip to Dixon Meadow Preserve!

2409 W. Westmoreland Street Philadelphia, PA 19129 2409 W. Westmoreland Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Looking for a breath of fresh air? Join Sport of Life Inc. for a quick trip just north of the city to Dixon Meadow Preserve! A haven for birders, walkers […]

Currently full Free

Circle Up, S’mores & Farm Explore

The Farm at Awbury 6336 Ardleigh St, Philadelphia, PA

Join us as we take a quick and easy hike along the Farm side of Awbury Arboretum's grounds.  However, before we do that, we'll circle up for a welcoming game/activity.  […]

Benefits of Outdoor Play

Healthier heart and lungs

Better mood

Improves cognition and focus

Fosters sense of well-being

A break from devices