Nature Can Heal

Our mission is to help our children and families become healthy and happy by spending time outside in nature.

Free Family Activities & Events

Wonderous Walkabout: Farm, Pond, Birds

The Farm at Awbury 6336 Ardleigh St, Philadelphia, PA

Let's take a walk throughout the wonderous landscape of Awbury.  Young ones (and adults) will get active through walking, as they stroll through the farm, hopefully seeing chickens, goats, gardens, […]

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It’s A Wrap: Winter’s Over Throwback

Wissahickon Environmental Center (The Tree House) 300 W Northwestern Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Winter's over and we're about to welcome Spring.  However, we know we've experience some cold temps, snowy days, and overall icky weather the past few winter months.  This impacted some […]

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Benefits of Outdoor Play

Healthier heart and lungs

Better mood

Improves cognition and focus

Fosters sense of well-being

A break from devices